Sunday, October 11, 2009

Florida for the Holidays??

Sorry for not blogging all week. Kraylee and I stayed pretty busy. I had alot of catching up to do at school and my intern from being sick all last week. Kraylee was a very good girl last week so she got rewarded!!

Kraylee at Jump For Joy

Kraylee was so brave! She would climb up the slides and tumble down the other!

Of course at the end of the week, we headed to Sterling City! On Friday night, we PLANNED to go to the Sterling football game and some little girl was being quite onry. Can yall guess who?!?

On Saturday, we got invited to go to the Fall Festival with our friends, Joli & Doug. The kids all got to dress in their costumes. Their was a ton of games and the adults got to play bingo. So Saturday, we had to go find baby girl a costumes. And look what we came across...

Its not letting me rotate my pictures :(

After we left there, we ran by Chase's parents to show off the Little Lamb. They had gotten Kraylee Halloween cupcakes from the bakery! Can yall say spoilt!!

On Sunday, we were lazy allll day long! It sure was nice besides the fact that on Sundays, we have to go home :(

So yall are probably wondering what the title of this post means. Well on Friday, Chase found out that he will be working in West Palm Beach,Florida for the next 6 months. We both know it will be tough but everything will be A-OK! His company is flying him back home atleast once a month, maybe even twice. If not, then Kraylee and I plan to fly down their some too. I do feel sorry for Chase though :( Going to somewhere he knows no one, not knowing where the heck he is, not having his family through the Holidays, not being able to hunt etc. I know this was a great opportunity in his career and everything he is doing will only better our future. I am very proud of him! He is very successful for being only 26 years old. And the good thing is, he is always trying to be better and better! He is such a positive person. I know he can accomplish anything he wants to do! But for the next 6 months, its sure going to be tough but I know we will be just fine. He leaves a week from tomorrow so I think Im taking off from interning and school Thursday and Friday so we will have a long weekend together. I guess look on the brighter side, he will have a condo on the beach, a nice tan, and wont have to be COLD!

I hope everyone has a great week. It will be a short one for us but we are already missing Chase! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Relaxation Vacation

As most of yall know, last week I was wiped out with the Swine Flu! And boy, they werent kidding about that stuff! Its horrible!! Thankfully Chase had Kraylee for the week and she was spoiled rotten the wholeeee time. So on Friday I was just dying to get down there and squeeze that baby girl! I did not get to kiss on here as much as Id like because I wasnt positive the flu was all out of my system and it sure was hard!

Funny story for yall! Chase is always really good with dressing Kraylee. He knows which bow goes with which outfit and what shoes go with what and so forth. He even knows how to pull Kraylee's hair half way up and even for me, thats pretty difficult with that wiggle worm. So I had no worry that Kraylee would look her best down there. Well when I get there on Friday, I saw that she had not worn her cute, silky gown that she loves (pictured below)

Me: "Why hasnt she worn her cute gown,yet?"
Chase: "What gown??"
Me: "Her cute,ruffly one."
Walking over to his closet and grabbing it
Chase: "This??"
Me: "Ya"
Chase: "I thought that was a dress!!! She wore it to Caleb's football practice and out running earrands one day!!"

Hahahaha!! Chase did inform me that she had a matching bow on with it and even the matching bows on her shoes! Hey, he tried his best!! I still love you, Chaser!!

We didnt do too much this weekend. Went to San Angelo to our friend's sons pee wee football game, ate lunch, did a little shopping then just relaxed the rest of the time. Chase and I even got to take a nap Sunday afternoon!! Anyone that has a 13 month old, knows that taking naps doesnt happen quite often!

Headed to San Angelo

Now we are back home :( I love my home, WF and all my loved ones here but geez, it gets harder and harder leaving every weekend! I cant wait for the day we dont have to make that lovely 4 hour trip on the weekends. Until then we cherish and enjoy any time we get together. As they do say, "Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder." Have a great week everybody! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting better!

Well this morning about 1am, my fever was 103 and would not go down for anything! So my mom took me to Kell West and I tested positive for the Flu :( It surely is NO FUN! So everyone..take my advice: GET A FLU SHOT!!!! Even though I miss Kraylee more than anything, Im so very thankful that she went with Chase. Sounds like they are having a blast and she might have forgot about me! haha..joke! I dont think thats possible but between staying with Chase's mother during the day and being with Chase in the evenings, she is having the time of her life! Chase has sent me some pictures throughout their day! Man I miss them :(

Kraylee playing at Randy and Beth's (Chase's parents)


Chase said this is Kraylee's new sad face..haha

Her famous "wink face"

Big drink!

Scrub a dub dub!!

Sending me some kisses and get well wishes!!

Im feeling much better this evening then yesterday. Thank goodness! I slept all day today. Blogging was the most strenuous activity I have done all day..haha! Hope everyone is having a great week! Sorry my blog isnt too interesting this week. Chase & Kraylee, Momma loves yall and cant wait till the weekend! Thanks for being so wonderful, Chaser! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Take me out to the ballll game

Last week, Chase called me up and asked me to go to a Ranger's game with him..and of course I said " Id love to!!" Before Chase, I was never really into going to a Ranger's game. I normally just went for the hotdog but now theres a great meaning behind the Texas Rangers. Its where Chase and I reunited :) As yall know, Ive known Chase for years but back in the Spring, he invited me to go to a Ranger's game and its been happily ever after since then. So me and the McLains loaded up on Friday to meet Chase in Fort Worth and then head on over to the ballpark!

We even went to Chase's favorite resturant, Pappadeaux. We actually went there the 1st time we went to the Ranger's game too. We were both so nervous the first time, we both had to have a few! This time at Pappadeaux was a little more relaxing.

Going to eat

The McLains

My best friend Heather (Annie's mommy) We have been best friends since we were little girls.

Chase and I walking to the ballpark

You can tell we were a little more laid back then our FIRST date to the Ranger's game :)

We got to sleep in the next morning and Heather and Jordan had to get up early and leave :( I had told Chase that morning that I just wanted to stop by a couple places in Fort Worth and the rest of the day could be his! He told me that by the end of the day, Id have a huge list of things I wanted to do and sure enough he was RIGHT! We ended up going to eat lunch, to Sheridan's to get some ice cream, to see Justi at work, Zoe & Jacks (Kraylee's favorite boutique) then walked the whole mall! haha Poor guy! Thats why I love him!

That night I told him to chose whatever he wanted to do. He choose to go to BWW to watch the Tech game. Leaving the house, we insisted that we would go have a good time, maybe even go dancing, stay out late and just have a good time since we were kid-free. Well about half time of the game, we decided we would go home and watch the game there. Not to mention, there were 2 baby girls in there that made us extremely miss Kraylee bug. So at about 10:30, Im out on the couch and Chase finished up the Tech game. We are such party animals these days :)

Chase and I headed to watch some Tech fball!

Justi had been sick all week and at first they thought she had Swine Flu because her patient at work this week had it also. Well this morning when we woke up, I wasnt feeling that well either. So we decided we would go eat breakfast and get on the road. It ended up being an upper resipatory infection and I actually have it too :( So with me being sick, Chase decided it would be best if Kraylee went back to Sterling City with him for the week :( I certainly dont want her sick but I have never ever been this long without my baby girl! I know she is in such good hands and they are loving every minute of it. Chase called and said he already bathed her, blow dryed her hair and put her to sleep :) Can he get any better or what?!

So this week my blog probably wont be too interesting with out little Miss Priss! Chase did say he would email me pictures everyday so I could still blog..haha! (I think he secretly likes my blog) I hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A day with Mommy!

Kraylee got to stay home with me today because her sitter was not feeling well. I just loved our time together! Kraylee woke up about 6 and wanted in bed with her Mommy ( She says mommy now rather than sweet!!!) So I let her snuggle in bed with me till 8. We were lazy all morning then got ready about 11. We went up to my intern so all the ladies up there could meet her. Of course they all asked if they could take her home. haha! We went to lunch and the rest of the day we just pretty much played. It was such a lazy, relaxing day for us and we LOVED it!

But Kate is going to be sooo jealous, look who Kraylee got to see today!!!

Amber is just too sweet! I think Kraylee knows that she is a sweetheart too because she always will go to her when she sees her :)

Kraylee has a big weekend ahead...she is staying with her Hoo Hoo & Papa this weekend. Chase and I are going to Fort Worth for the weekend. We are going to a Rangers game tomorrow night with our friends, Heather and Jordan. Then Saturday, Im not sure what is in store...its Chase's choice! Cant wait to spend some alone time with him! We never really get that so it will be nice to kick back and relax with just the 2 of us. And to SLEEP IN..I dont even remember what that feels like! :) So Kraylee is sacked out, resting up for her weekend with Hoo & Pa!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Boots with thaaa

FURRRR!!" Kraylee got some matching boots to go with her favorite song! Anytime you even say the phrase "Boots with the fur.." she starts nodding her head and dancing. My baby girl gots some moves!

Shes not smiling here because she is ticked that she is having to Poor Kraylee is the laziest little thing I know! She insist on crawling because it is a lot quicker and she can get into anythingggg she pleases!

Sorry such a short post..but Im TIRED once again! But tomorrow is going to be a Mommy and Kraylee day! I cant wait! With interning and school, we really never get a full whole day together besides the im pumped. Im not sure what we are going to do but I sure have alot of ideas! Well good night everyone :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just so you know...

writting this blog took everything I had!! haha! Today was a pretty busy day at alot of test this week, then I came home, cleaned, did laundry and then put on a pot of stew! Not to mention, a little onry girl crawling around the house in the mix of all that!! So its 9:30 and my mind is saying "Go to bed" but my heart is saying "I cant forget about all my dearly beloved bloggers!!"

Lets go back to the word, AWESOME!!! Justi and Weston came in on Friday and we all went to dinner with Cole( Chase's brother) and his girlfriend, Heather. We had a great time and enjoyed some AWESOME mexican food. Saturday morning, we got up and I cooked everyone breakfast and the guys got ready to go hunting. Me,Justi and Kraylee decided we would go into San Angelo and go shopping. We stumbled upon so many cute things!! But little Miss Kraylee didnt feel to well so we had to cut our shopping spree off short. We think Kraylee is alergic to something in that area because every time we are down there, she gets all stirred up. She didnt feel too well the rest of the day and just needed alot of lovin!

Kraylee girl not feeling too well

Chase had some friends over to cook out and watch the big game.He cooked us all a great steak, potatoes, and jalapeno poppers! Sad that Chase cooks more than I do!! (Cause the only thing I have to make is chili dogs,haha!!) Too bad the Red Raiders lost :( Since Chase wasnt a very happy camper after the loss, we went to bed right after the game. Sunday morning, we got up and Weston wanted to shoot one of Chase's guns so we loaded up and headed out to some land. I thought they were kidding about how big this gun was!!!

Justi and Weston left soon after we got back from shooting the gun. We sure miss them when they are gone!! I think we are getting to see them again this weekend though :)

Auntie J and Uncle Weston before they left. Kraylee was being stubborn and wouldnt look at the camera

The rest of the day was just me, Chase and Kraylee time! I love days like that! I love laying around in a tshirt and shorts, watching TV and just lovin on Chase and Kraylee. They are the best!! Then we had to head back home :( I sure hate when we have to leave Chase. I cant wait for the day we are all 3 together!! Hopefully soon....:)

Well blog world, Im hitting the hay! Im a tired girl. Hope everyone had a great Monday!!