Sunday, October 11, 2009

Florida for the Holidays??

Sorry for not blogging all week. Kraylee and I stayed pretty busy. I had alot of catching up to do at school and my intern from being sick all last week. Kraylee was a very good girl last week so she got rewarded!!

Kraylee at Jump For Joy

Kraylee was so brave! She would climb up the slides and tumble down the other!

Of course at the end of the week, we headed to Sterling City! On Friday night, we PLANNED to go to the Sterling football game and some little girl was being quite onry. Can yall guess who?!?

On Saturday, we got invited to go to the Fall Festival with our friends, Joli & Doug. The kids all got to dress in their costumes. Their was a ton of games and the adults got to play bingo. So Saturday, we had to go find baby girl a costumes. And look what we came across...

Its not letting me rotate my pictures :(

After we left there, we ran by Chase's parents to show off the Little Lamb. They had gotten Kraylee Halloween cupcakes from the bakery! Can yall say spoilt!!

On Sunday, we were lazy allll day long! It sure was nice besides the fact that on Sundays, we have to go home :(

So yall are probably wondering what the title of this post means. Well on Friday, Chase found out that he will be working in West Palm Beach,Florida for the next 6 months. We both know it will be tough but everything will be A-OK! His company is flying him back home atleast once a month, maybe even twice. If not, then Kraylee and I plan to fly down their some too. I do feel sorry for Chase though :( Going to somewhere he knows no one, not knowing where the heck he is, not having his family through the Holidays, not being able to hunt etc. I know this was a great opportunity in his career and everything he is doing will only better our future. I am very proud of him! He is very successful for being only 26 years old. And the good thing is, he is always trying to be better and better! He is such a positive person. I know he can accomplish anything he wants to do! But for the next 6 months, its sure going to be tough but I know we will be just fine. He leaves a week from tomorrow so I think Im taking off from interning and school Thursday and Friday so we will have a long weekend together. I guess look on the brighter side, he will have a condo on the beach, a nice tan, and wont have to be COLD!

I hope everyone has a great week. It will be a short one for us but we are already missing Chase! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday :)

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  1. Found your blog today and love it! Love the name Kraylee too!